Analytχ has Answers

Analytχ delivers specialised analytical models and builds internal capability to maximise your goals, strategies and returns on investment.

Predictive Solutions

Analytχ has worldwide experience in delivering data mining and analytical models in the private and public sectors including global retail, banking, mining, insurance, energy, telecommunications, leisure activities and government.

Building Capability

Analytχ designs and delivers tailored analytical models. We work with your team to personally build in-house knowledge and capability. We make it our business to advise you on your data requirements and the maintenance of models as your business evolves.

Development and Implementation

Analytχ adapts to suit your needs. We aid in strategy development, build and improve analytical techniques and help to identify and resolve modelling issues, within time, scope and budget.

Our services at a glance

Whatever your risk appetite, Analytχ works on the philosophy of ‘Know your risk – Grow your business’. Predictive modelling enhances your knowledge of past, current and future risks, providing you with greater security and control of your business and more opportunities for success.

Analytχ insights

Fraud Detection and Credit Risk

Analytχ develops sophisticated models to quantify and manage your fraud and credit risks across products, customer bases and geographic locations. We develop models for major banks, 2nd tier financial institutions, health and motor insurers and the Australian Federal and State governments.

Analytχ is your answer

Revenue Generation

Analytχ provides predictive models that assist revenue generation using customer profiling, market segmentation and market basket analysis. Our reputation of successful performance has been built in diverse enterprises including multinational retail chains, energy, mining, telecommunications, banking and insurance industries.

One step ahead

Retention Models

Analytχ specialises in customer churn and retention models. Our clients include an extensive range of private and public insurers and financial institutions.

We Are Qualified

SAS® Certified Predictive Modeller Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™

SAS® helps you make sense of the message. As the leader in business analytics software and services, SAS® transforms your data into insights that give you a fresh perspective on your business. You can identify what’s working, fix what isn’t, and discover new opportunities.