Analytχ: Trusted Statistical Solutions

Analytχ delivers statistical insights to improve your business performance and return on investment.

Predictive Solutions

Analytχ has worldwide experience in delivering data mining and analytical models in the private and public sectors including global retail, banking, mining, insurance, energy, telecommunications, leisure activities and government.

Building Capability

Analytχ designs and delivers tailored analytical models. We work with your team to personally build in-house knowledge and capability. We make it our business to advise you on your data requirements and the maintenance of models as your business evolves.

Development and Implementation

Analytχ adapts to suit your needs. We aid in strategy development, build and improve analytical techniques and help to identify and resolve modelling issues, within time, scope and budget.

Main Features

The benefit of being an Analytx client

Analytχ clients gain a market advantage with accurate insights that result in:
~ a better understanding of their customer preferences
~ improved risk identification and management
~ enhanced fraud detection
~ value add business strategies.